I am Ashok i wish to be defined as a traveller i take life as a travel.I firmly believe that my job does not define me yet for the sake of records i am a software engineer at Motorola.I have bachelors degree in computer science i like working in Unix machines especially GNU/Linux.

I dont read because there are books available i read them because i wish to so am selective in what i read and how i live.I have very minimal requirements and i respect and value human beings more than any gizmos or material pleasure.I believe strongly in a life thats less harmfull to the environment.

I descend from India our forefathers fought the west against a culture that is not superios to ours which transcends thousnad years yet we have adopted the same culture they fought against.I believe nation boundaries are artificial and i dont like running the tide  yet most of the times i do it.

I have some bizarre thoughts about life and i feel uncomfortable with things which are so natural for the most.

I dont understand god and may be my ignorance is god.I hate anyone calling me bhramin/Hindu/ etal i wish to be called ashok or say honey 🙂 .

I am a left liberal thinker and i have been fed with Marx from the times i could understand things in my family so its natural dont blame me.One of these days i will understand Das Kapital :D.

One of my favourite pass times is walking in an unkown road,programming with python reading tamil magazines etc.I like to see a lot of movies have seen a lot of movies in english,hindi,tamil,french,german,japanesse etc.


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