Indica A Deep Natural History

Indica: A Deep Natural History of the Indian SubcontinentIndica: A Deep Natural History of the Indian Subcontinent by Pranay Lal
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This book is an incredible tour de force. The book is a geological history of the Indian Subcontinent.
Human history of Indian Subcontinent itself is such ancient but the geographical history of immensely vast when compared to the human history.
This book captures the entire history of this ancient landmass from the time the earth was formed billions of years ago. It is such a vast and dry subject but the author has captured it in a such vivid and intense and amazing manner. The key thing that works wonders in this book is the relation to the current. It is with such amazing realization we are turning the pages. We are filled with a sense of awe and great fullness about everything about the existence of everything including life.

The book traces the geographical events and relates to the current terrain and it opens us to the immense greatness of our planet. Take for instance the information that the Nandi Hills which is a famous tourist hills located near Bangalore is made of rock which is 3.5 billion years ago.
Or the fact that my native of Trichy once had massive dinosaurs roaming about by the fossils identified. This fill us with such amazement and wonder.

The other aspect of the book is the lyrical writing of the author. Subjects like paleontology or fossil fuels are immensely dry but it is written in a manner that makes it so gripping.
Take for instance the analogy of comparing the age of earth with a 46 year old lady and life just started in the middle of 42 years. Human beings evolved in the middle of the last week and industrial revolution is just a minute old in the giant scale of time of our 46 year old mother.

Another aspect is the sheer amazing events that shaped our planet which impacts us in surprising ways of our lives even today. Take for instance the coal belt of present day Jharkand, Bihar was formed by continuous submerging of forests layer on top of layer which happened due to the incessant rains that happened for around 1000 of years.
Or Say take for example the Palaghat pass which connects the states of Tamilnadu and Kerela was formed when the Indian subcontinent which was connected to Madagascar and when it started moving towards Eurasia the land was split and that opening is the point in which Madagascar split with the Indian Subcontinent.
These make us wonder what an immensely mysterious thing this life is and how small we are in the infinite expanse of the universe.
As you read through this book you are always filled with amazement at the idea of human life and also our very small place in this earth.
If you have sons , daughters gift it to them this should be a bestseller and it can inspire them to achieve great heights.

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