Money – What can we do with it

Money means something when money flows, in the process it creates value to the society.Accumulation of money beyond a point is just an obsession with safety.We as a nation don’t have a system to creatively invest money in avenues which can be at the same time both profitable and serve beneficial to the society.

At times I feel this tendency to invest and multiply money in itself is actually affecting the all around growth of this country.

The middle class wants to mainly invest the surplus money in two areas one being home and other is gold. Buying homes just to invest money has become such a big talking point where ever you go, whomsoever we meet quotes examples of how the cost of this house has doubled or tripled in some years . There are old bald fat guys who lament how they missed the bus in buying some land twenty years back which is worth crores of rupees now.

Some years ago my chithappa bought a house, which while selling had almost tripled its buying price.He used this money to buy one more house of the same size. This is a classic case where money’s value seems to have increased magically but in reality nothing has changed. We don’t create any new value, its like two old neighbours swapping their husbands . You feel like asking … ‘so what ?’

The investment in gold actually puts tremendous strain on imports.
Most of our gold is actually imported, which has no inherent value than the mysterious value we have collectively accepted. We could have collectively accepted anything to be so valuable say for instance dog shit. Like everyone standing in queue to buy pounds of dog shit on an auspicious day is just not so weird.

So we have come to a pathetic situation where, In my native a petty shop which was opened twenty years back is still called ‘puthu kadai (new shop)’. I could not laugh at the irony when my mother asked me to buy some stuff from the shop last time I was around.

It seems to me consumerism is at times better than this obsession on houses and gold . Consumerism diversifies the economy, you create more options for people.

For instance flipkart survives upon our impulse to buy shit. The other day one of my neighbour she bought a very costly android phone.I wondered what is that she is going to do with this phone.But I quickly also realised that may be these are the people who make firms profitable.I depend on these firms too, I would be missing them if they shut shop.

So what we do with money is kind of very tricky , you might be highly stupid and naive in managing your finances. But still even being profligate you may contribute to the society in ways we don’t understand.

I would like to invest money in community projects which improve the infrastructure around me and also yield me average return of investment.


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