Traffic ,
You now people crib about traffic  .
I feel traffic is amazing , you just cannot arrange so many cars , bikes cows in a small place more efficiently than that . Its like a flower show with the amazing patterns .We may evolve by natural selection and enjoy traffic as we enjoy natural landscape.   Traffic is when you can just curse someone you really don’t know, how often that happens . We live in this phony world , when we meet a stranger we just wish ‘Hey how you doing ? ‘ , ‘ I am doing great ‘ . You know deep inside we don’t care damn about how good things for others . So suddenly in traffic you just curse everyone , strangers , ladies , old people its  so gratifying and amazing .  I barged into somebody other day , he just said something ugly on my father , How strange that guy doesn’t even know me , he just cursed my father . He would have never said that if we had met in a coffee shop . A world of possibilities , amazing.
God ,
I feel like if there is God , he should have gone insane by now . Seriously we are ever so complicated , you have ever went with your wife to stitch dresses to a tailor shop .  I was wondering then we are the only species to wear dresses , nobody did that , think about the elephants so huge they never cared to cover their balls . We have books which explain the designs to stitch the dress . Amazing , do you see a god foreseeing all this . If you ever pray to your god , ‘Please god ensure me that the tailor has stitched the dresses properly ‘ . He will most likely never understand .
God : Who is a tailor my son ?
Devotee : He is a guy who stitches dresses  , to cover my bod ?
God: Why do you want to cover your body ?
Devotee : Its because some of my parts you provided are deemed to be , not sure what to call it but better left covered . So we evolved a system of dressing  .
God : Why do you feel some of your parts need to be covered ?
Devotee : Because the force or whatever you are you made us like that , to feel shy being exposed .
God : Why did I ever do it that way ?
Devotee : Just leave it  , the tailor is far better .

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An Insane just adding irregularity to the universe

One thought on “Insane”

  1. ” Its like a flower show with the amazing patterns .We may evolve by natural selection and enjoy traffic as we enjoy natural landscape”

    What a new way to look at traffic !! You rock 🙂

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