Anna Hazare

I wrote this piece after the world cup , It was even more true now ,

“Everyone was excited , was in a hurry , finding an auto , running for their houses . Seldom you find the collective psyche of a society operating in unison , living the shared dreams,uttering the same prayers in a cosmopolitan like Bangalore .”

As Anna overcame the collective skepticism of the intellectuals of this nation . He stuck a chord with the common man to force the parliament to accept in principle to the key demands of JanLokpal bill.
In the last 25 years never has so many people participated directly or indirectly in a political process with such interest . Yes this was a middle class moment , yes this was out of the metros .
But any popular movement stems out of cities , out of the middle class educated class . But gradually its the people from the poorest sections who hold out for a long time , they form the backbone of any movement .

For people who say like ‘Nothing is going to change out of it ‘ or say ‘ The people who participate in this movement don’t even follow traffic rules etc ‘ or missing the whole point . May be their egos are hurt , its not befitting for them to participate in a mass movement as they cannot be part of something which involves the majority . The elites know how to direct the path of history , so they don’t believe in such slogan shouting by the masses . Its just a superiority complex masquerading as pseudo intellectualism .

For me a democratic process , a nonviolent movement is like functioning of the universe , everyone is just an atom performing their duties . Its just not the time to fuel once egos rather a time for duty or as Krishna said ‘Karmayoga’ .


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