The thing called ‘ collective happiness ‘

Everyone was excited , was in a hurry , finding an auto , running for their houses . Seldom you find the collective psyche of a society operating in unison , living the shared dreams,uttering the same prayers in a cosmopolitan like Bangalore .

Cricket is no wonder a religion in itself . People whose lives now become so boring in a sense rarely have anything to differentiate yesterday from today . There comes an occassion that everyone rejoices , after all everyone needs a reason to be happy , to be excited, to relive the lives of the childhood .

From Manmohan Singh to Aamir Khan , Ambani to Sonia Gandhi political pressure , ideological differences took a back seat , suddenly people realised the beauty of something called ‘life’ and tried living it every moment .

Everyone rediscovered the child in them , “A Poet is nothing but a person who sees the life through the eyes of a child” . The compelxity of our everyday life , utter eventless of it has made as stoic to boredom .

The children in us gets buried deep down , suffocated by intelligence gasping for air deep down , yawning to come out to feel the effervescence . No wonder nothing has done great damage to our society than intelligence .

When we walk through the cities we see ourself as if we are robots from a movie . Curiously most people have headphones these days adding realism to the robot metaphor . How beautiful it would be if we can live the lives of our solitude ‘singing and dancing’ in our roads too . How beautiful it would be if the child in us overcomes the hurdles and manifests in all its beauty .

Such an occasion is what cricket brings us in , the emotions that we carry in our hearts connects to all arounds us in a complicated web of emotions . We felt the oneness of humanity , we appreciated beauty after a long time . Our cities the concrete jungles have become breft of it for sometime now , we chased all the birds , scared all the kids on the roads by our SUVs . People rarely witness something that makes them humble before this eternity called universe .

Yesterday something touched our soul, we all celebrated a festival , no longer mistakes were frowned upon , people started forgiving even errand pedestrians , offered lifts to even strangers . Suddenly everyone became the “Positively innocent” that Dostoevsky  talks about .

I am not sure if gods descended to see the cricket match , but there were people who loved each other in a moment of rarity “loved without conditions” , what else you can ask for !

As crackers burst in the skies , hope we dont forget our new found love .


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