Viva Espana

The world cup has come to an end , the sadness one feels after a highly expected event has come and passed by , in the process of it has created a new World Champions . The emotional weakness of most human beings make them favor the under achievers in sports , unless the sportsman is a Roger Federer or Michael Schumacher .  Its a great achievement by the Spanish team to have won the football world cup. And good that we are not blaming fate for 4 years for producing an undeserving champion the Ducth .

If you had followed football as a neutral i.e your home nations are no where to be seen even in the horizon when it comes to this beautiful game , you would accept that Dutch and the spanish have consistently played enjoyable football .  All changed this world cup, the land of tulips imported ugly football  presumably from Germany . Have heard of nuclear fuel swap , never heard of footballing style swap . One reasoning for this change may be the success of conservative (read it as boring) ultra defensive teams like Germany and Italy performing well in previous world cups .

Germany started playing Dutch like enjoyable football , brazil became as conservative as the Germans . May be the economic prosperity they achieved made them more Victorian off late ? Why is that always nations struggling with economic / socio – political tensions play better football ? Yeah yeah i am hearing that the nation with burgeoning fiscal deficit and unthinkable unemployment  the US played better football this time around .

Spain was honestly brilliant in their passing , may be they are studying lot of Gandhi recently to be so selfless . They passed so much of the football that the opposition teams could have complained to the referee .  ” How am i supposed to play without the ball ? These guys never give it to you ! ”

The superiority of Spanish game is no where visible more than when they faced Germany , Germans were coming to the match after demolishing the Argentinians which Maradona himself described as “Punch from Mohammad Ali” . But the Germans were no where to be seen against Spain , that showed the terrific control they had on the Jabulani .

Xavi , Iniesta are the fulcrum on which the team is built , they control the game as if one is witnessing a master class music composition .Villa was the only guy with shooting boots initially , his charm and smartness would have made him famous among girls a lot . I guess the spanish side is one of the smarter teams in the world cup , if you leave out iniesta’s bald head ; ) .

One feels as if Xavi keeps passing the ball even when he is not playing football , if he had not been a footballer guess he would have become a saint . Before the world cup started the world was expecting a short guy to make a mark (messi ) , one other short guy has come out triumphing (iniesta) . Casillas as he has been all along in Spain remains number 1 at the goal . He used to make so much saves for Madrid , because of the poor defence Madrid historically had . If you see from that angle may be Madrid’s poor defence helped Spanish team winning the world cup 😉 (Just kidding ) .

Although the spanish team is dominated by members from catalunya ,  they played as a single unit . The team captain (Casillas ) a long standing Madrid guy , and Del bosque who managed the team came from Madrid . Although they have rich history of fights / feuds , that didnt influence their game . Kudos to Bosque and his team , they have redeemed the faith in attractive football and disproved the dogma that the intersection of playing attractive football and winning a world cup is always a null set .

The Spain beat the  Dutch in its own game  , because if you see the history of Barcelona it has been coached by Ducth managers who brought with them the attractive football the Dutch were known to play .  The managers like Loui Vaan Gal , Frank Richard made huge contributions that have helped the Spanish in the long run .

I at times felt that Spanish are in the league of their own when it comes to passing . Although people may complain that the Spanish scored very little goals , its just a immature argument . When teams including the Germans were playing the Spanish they were waiting for Spain to make all the moves . Spain had an obsession with scoring ‘The perfect goal ‘ , not those long range efforts that go in fortuitously .  Torres’s poor form added to the misery of the team’s  scoring chances . In spite of all these disadvantages , Spain has been the symbol of decent / fair football . They are World Champions and have won the Fair play award too . Last World Cup was a heartbreak , had to live with the head-butt and a boring Champions (the azurri  ) . No worry for 4 more years now . Go Spain !


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