The Tamil New year controversy

Couple of years back (much to the irritation of tamil nadu middle class), the DMK government in Tamilnadu changed the tamil new years day to Thai (tamil month falls around january 14 ) 1 from Chithirai 1 .

Thai 1 is  already celebrated as pongal by people of tamilnadu , this was received with a lot of sckepticism as with most political moves . I didnt have much issues in this , back then i didnt have reasons to support it . Recently read an article in vikatan about the importance of the month of thai .

–> Thai month is a month in which people of all religions / casts extend their thanking to the nature especially sun which is a source of energy . Pongal is like the Thanksgiving celebrated in the US . As being a festival that is celebrated by people of all religions and casts , its kind of ideal to be a tamil new years day.

–> In villages Pongal is not impacted by theetu , that is a happening of death does not hinder the festival’s progress .

–> Aandal in thirupavai and the sangam literature speaks the greatness of the month of thai , i could not post the poem in sangam literature verbatim here will try to do it sometime . So we have great affection towards the month of thai , IMHO , tamil new years day should reflect the glory of the language and thai is ideally suited in this regard .

These are not arguments made by a DMK fanatic but by people who have been reading tamil society its cultural heritage for a very long time . Any festival has a starting point , someone in history thought of chithirai 1 as an ideal tamil new year’s day , now a change has happened . 1000 years from now people may change it again , change is always constant . So just because a political person envisaged that change does not mean it should be stupid ( but the chances are high it may be !! ) .

To be honest a democratically elected leader is far better than a religious sermon or a king , because after all it was we who elected him 😉 .


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