The “Untouchable” among Gods

Year end vacation has given me time to see people and reflect upon the problem of “caste” in Hindu society.For many this may be seem like a reflection may be a decade old and highly irrelevant to the current time .

But habits always take time to die especially bad habits .Hailing from a liberal bhramin family and from a place such as Srirangam gives a birds eye of the problem.

Organised hindu religion with its god’s (Bhrama , vishnu shiva ) the vedas are seen as a scientific way of expressing ones faith towards the almighty . The mooniswaran , karupannasamy et al are seen as a touch lower on the hierarchy of gods . Most Bhramins atleast the oldies i see share a aversion towards the gods worshipped by the masses . Organised religion has successfully adopted gods from “pagan” deities into mainstream religion . One of the most notable example in this case is lord “muruga” , historians argue that the history of murugan can be summed up as the history of the dravidian people itself , the popularity of muruga made him the son of lord “shiva” .

pagan god
Pagan god of the masses

The one thing that bothers me the most is the treatment meted out to poor village people in bhraminic temples like srirangam for example . The poor people who come from long distances are looked down upon as parasites , and are not even given 2 minutes to worship their beloved god. I have seen this happen , in srirangam lord renganatha is in “anatha sainam” so people who come to see from long distances at times are unable to even see him . After they come out of the garbagraha many complain that “They told some god will be lying down we were unable to spot him ” .

There is no dearth of devotion to god among poor people , the only glitch may be they are not erudite as the scholarly people at times . They may not be aware of the 4000 dhivyaprabantham or azhvaar paasurams . The bhramin priests treat them with utmost sense of aversion . At times the moments i see these injustices while taking my friends to temple i feel bad for coming to a place lacking in culture and civilisation . The poor people who travel from very long distances to catch a glimpse of lord renganatha at times never see him sleeping in the darkness . If you are not lucky enough and watch out for him carefully , chances are very high you may never see him (literally !!) :p .

If you dont watch out for him carefully , you may never see him
If you dont watch out for him carefully , you may never see him

As Marx said “Religion is the opium for the masses ” , most human beings inspite of their castes require gods / religion to satisfy their fears . To participate in religious activities , to carry one’s god on the shoulders are aspirations that are common to most people irrespective of their casts / religions . Organised hindu religion is totally dominated by Bhramin priests who consider the low caste people atavistic and uneducated . Thus low caste people suffer alienation in the hands of caste hindus in religious places of worship . Many people due to this tend to convert to other religions or build their one temples and rituals . All rituals / prayers come out of devotion , experience, and no one form of god worship is superior / stupid, they are just different forms of a single truth .

Sadly the majority in upper caste never tend to realise it , if killing animals in the name of god is atavistic then what you call the stupidity of pouring milk / water on stones in the name of abhisheka .

If you go to vaishnava temples in villages , like say thiruvallarai near trichy you can see the balipeeda there , long back traditional hindu religion had the belief of giving animals as bali . Bhramins used to perform this ritual that habit is not followed any more these days .

The practice of considering majority of people as “outcasts” and discriminating against them will affect the sustainability of hindu religion . Even educated people have reluctance in marrying people in other casts citing cultural differences . The beauty of human race is the diversity in its behavior , the belief that once culture is pure and superior is the most stupid dogma you can ever have . Let me finish it of with a quote “The only thing that is true with all cultures is the impurity of all of them ” .


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2 thoughts on “The “Untouchable” among Gods”

  1. +1. I hardly go to temples these days… The priests behave as though its their birth-right to be in there. It’s not the caste but the weight of the wallet that determines how you get treated. One goes to seek peace and returns devoid of it. Pathetic!

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