The urge to consume everything

A Life driven and defined by the frenzy of consumption , books , travel looks more and more to me as mere ways of human consumption. The urge to differentiate with others , the urge to be judged different , intelligent modern and what not .

I am seeing a broad taste similarity among people especially in Bangalore . I dont know is it a natural urge , or people have decided together if certain things needs to be done now .

A lot of avengers , people are a, sking me to buy bikes from day one i came to bangalore .

The topics of discussion center Xbox , LED Tvs et al , i tend to believe am i into some kind of exhibition out here .

Taste just is a matter of consumption , i saw “x” films in a day , “y” books in a week and travelled “z” places in a month .

What are we trying to prove?   why are we doing this ? why are we destroying this place ?

Some kind of manufactured reality , guess need to sleep !!


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An Insane just adding irregularity to the universe

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