After all not a sporting disaster

Of all the sports i follow , Football , Tennis and F1 much of the teams i supported were looking down the barrel early this year .

Chelsea and Real Madrid were not in a position for any major silverware . Ferrari were outclassed by the relative unknowns the Brawn Gp and Red Bull (they still continue to !) .But the worst nightmare was RF breaking down on his loss to Nadal early this year in Australia .

As times changed , Federer has come back to win in French open and Wimbledon , surpassing the great man Pete Sampras .

I felt like crying when Federer jumped in ecstacy after surpassing Andy Roddick in a epic five setter .

Real Madrid has gone into a buying-spree after bringing Kaka and Ronaldo to the Bernabeau . Looking forward to a good show by the Galacticos in the coming season .


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