The election results and the left dilemma

India has voted and voted for a stable government . With Congress led UPA heading towards a simple majority , the stakes at question are we leading to issue less elections in the future . People have voted in a way so that a stable government can be formed at the center . This 2 to 3 % swing of votes in the states like Tamil nadu , kerela and even West Bengal to some extent would have tilted the base in favour of the Congress and its allies .

The left experiment of forming a non-congress , secular government has hit a serious setback . Its a dream come true for the pro-rich media that the Left are not in any strength to have influence in the government . This will facilitate the so called ‘sensible reforms’ to be pushed through the government .

What this election results mean to the future of Indian politics . Is it meaning that the Indian People voted for the nuclear deal or pushing through capital account convertibility in financial markets , as political pundits have analyzed ?

People have rejected the sectarian force like BJP , but the only pan Indian presence today is the Congress . In states like Kerela and West Bengal even if the Left had win as before they were not in position to form the government . This is the real message the elections try to convey . People don’t expect good things to happen from the government but what they don’t want is a hung parliament and the ensuing horse trading that may affect the Sovereignty of this very nation . This is a serious setback to progressive forces and the nature of Indian democracy were real people issues have taken a back seat .

The only way the left can try to gain grounds in the central politics is to build the party in states other than Kerela , West Bengal and Tripura , all said and done thats a very difficult thing to achieve in the short term 😦 .


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