Am i a python addict

Off late i am finding myself reading too much of python all the time . Some of my friends have been cripping that i have become a Pythiam 😀 . Honestly speaking i love this language , and gasp with such amount of awe how this language is a piece of art to work with . It is the amount of time it saves me in doing a lot of work . People often dont know the power of the language, my colleagues often ask me is it not just a scripting language ? I just reply back to them that its a programming language which is a credible alternative to Perl or much worse bash scripts .

When i use python language these days, mostly all the time working on some stuff that is pretty much insane for most people around me . I at times become brain dead seeing ugly perl code that are just trivialities in python 🙂 .

I have started to like the ipython interpreter off late , its very useful  with built in auto-complete functionalities among others .I worked with the pexpect library for automating operations over ssh recently. The itertools , funtools modules are my personal favourites . I love programming when its working with python, the disadvantage of which is that most other languages look very ugly to me .


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2 thoughts on “Am i a python addict”

  1. Hi,

    With Py3k, you can do things with python even without writing a single line of code. For eg. try

    python -m SimpleHTTPServer

    from bash and you will have the pwd being served at port 8000.Python is elegance and as you say a real piece of art to work with

  2. You dont need py3k for that i have been using it from long time in py2.6 itself . In office it helps me access the logs :

    python -c “import SimpleHTTPServer;SimpleHTTPServer.test()”

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