How Ignorant :@

This post was a long overdue.The nirvana happened a long time back only the time to sit down and post it took time . Say i have a PC that has a ip address and i do a ssh to it . From there i ping a machine what will be the source ip address .I was ignorant to the core that i have not given a thought to that .God the machine may have multiple interfaces and linux selects the source IP based on if it knows there is a interface with the same IP .Take for example this particular case if the machine has an IP then the Linux machine selects it as the source IP . Its a hop-by-hop case on which the source IP of a packet.What the hell i read the routing tables and stuff for those years .Why was i not able to correlate this basic fact .Let alone correllate not even a thought to the source IP.May be one excuse is i didnt work in machines having so many interfaces or complicated routing tables with VLAN as i do now .May be i should have used ping -R option .


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