Margo Margo Marugayi

The heart deceives you into nostalgia when your mind is idle . And when a kid of four years age has been singing this song (Marugo Marugo) all day long I decided a take up a time travel.Nostalgia is a walking stick it gives a pleasant feeling.An year and half ago we had Plaisir and this song fetched us first prize in group song.I didnt have gracious hearts to record our singing šŸ˜¦ so i dont have a recording of it.It was Alagammai’s suggestion to me she messaged me a day or two before the contest asking me to sing.I was pretty unsure coz the girls meant to siing with me and Mallu(dont mistake one another guy only ) were good singers.On the day of the contest i had a severe throat pain and asked them to sing some other song so that i dont spoil the party.Yet the people Charanya,Jaya and krithika thought i was singing ok but i was having severe pain then.I still remember Jaya giving me halls and all to keep me going.So we managed to sing and i heard it was very good and we got first prize too.Charanya got us the BGM and that made the song more engrossing.The stupid soul which suggested me to sing was not there while i was singing neither did anyone record it for the future generations šŸ˜‰ .

Footnote:Like why in the hell i remembered it.There is a kid here in bangalore one of my relatives daughter.Seems she recently heard the song and has been singing all along that too with her tender and childish voice šŸ™‚ .


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