Prosecute Modi and the VHP for all the trouble

I can still remember the day when my 60 year old grandpa who i looked upon as the left over of Gandhian life.I haven’t seen him loosing him temper nor speaking angrily even in outrageous situations or unthinkably stupid arguments.On the eventful day Gujarat was burning,a preplanned massacre was perpetuated across innocent people whose only sin was to be a Muslim . The story that a pregnant woman was killed and her womb cut off and thrown into dustbin was the tipping point.He was visibly disturbed and as i came out of my bed tears rolled upon his eyes . He showed me the newspaper and i had no words to say . Then in an unusual explosion of sentiments he said to me ” If i had been in Gujarat i would be a terrorist”.I was doudtfull whether the entire episode was a dream.He was angry of being so helpless a feeling of anguish swept across everyone.Felt a lot ashamed to have been an Indian.

News came of huge women involvement in the riots.Muslim People were socially and economically boyccoted the perpetrators of the heinous crime had list of names to kill . I was feeling blood in my hands the amount of social polarisation that was visible in Gujarat was similar to the ghettoisation of Palestine.

The proximity of relations with the US has virtually collapsed the belief of the Minority in the nation. BJP swept back to power in Gujarat riding on the Hindutva wave.Genocide anywhere be it in Gujarat or in Palestine or in Iraq or in Srilanka is condemable.The parties like DMK which conduct hunger strike against tamil genocide in Srilanka where silent during the Gujarat riots .

The recent terror attacks show a lot of upper middle class Indians getting involved . Gujarat riots has forced educated Muslims in the hands of terror organisations like LET and AlQaeda . Most of the accused in serial blasts after the Gujarat riots are well employed and educated youth.

If these people are terrorists what can we call those who killed and raped innocent women , who burnt houses in the name of Hindutva. Narendra Modi and his group of Goons should be prosecuted for genocide in International court of justice.I request to all those who feel alienated by the Gujarat riots to have trust in this Nation.


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