The Conversations in my conscience

We often involve in a lot of conversations within ourself.At times we believe in theories that are contradictory yet we accept both for convenience.I am a staunch believer in leading a simple life yet the astounding levels of purchase i have been doing of late is a point to consider.

Myself:Hmmm i am thinking of buying a DSLR like camera it has become a necessity of late.

Critic:What a DSLR like camera what in a wild you gonna do with it.

Myself:You poor chap take photos 😀 !

Critic:Why going for DSLR like why not an ordinary digital camera.

Myself:hmmm see i cant just go ahead and take this crappy cameras.I need a camera to control aperture settings , shutter speed and control depth of focus and stuffs like that.You never seems to understand my caliber.I will shoot different photos with varying exposure and i will try High definition Ranging . I ought to have been in the US these things cost a lakh in this goddamn nation .

Critic:How often you think of the ecological cost associated with an object.I just wish to remember you one thing.

To sustain our present lifestyles after 50 years we will be requiring more than two planets.

Just read this if you are so irresponsible alike .


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