Intelligent Life in the Internet

Internet has grown leaps and bounds from the days of static HTML pages and google as the primary source of knowledge.As the tools for web development has become more robust with time as are applications developed using them.There are a class of tools like blogging related , social networking sites among others. This post is the range of websites i have found interesting over the past couple of years. If you are one of those idle nerds like me then you may like this article 🙂

Stumbleupon discovers websites according to our taste.With firefox toolar available for stumbleupon, we can mark websites by clicking the i like it button, which may serve as an online bookmark for later reference.You can stumble website based on channels like WordPress , Youtube et al and also on various other topics like programming,operating system etc. Stumbleupon provides a homepage for every user which lists the pages liked by him , the videos liked etc . Thus we can form a network of friends who can share interesting source of information. is a very interesting website that gives valuable information on interesting websites (for eg: which is to submit t-shirt design) . The authors write on a range of topics like tools available for linux , firefox pluggins , other sources of information in the web.The posts deal with simple ways to perform interesting jobs like “What movie to see next” was a recent post about sites giving movie recommendations.They also come up with posts like cool website and tools. stands for open culture provides open videos and audios on socially relevant topics like the sub-prime crisis , Linguistics given by a range of speakers like Paul Krugman , Joseph Stiglitz , Noam Chomsky. It also gives links to online courses offered by prestigious universities like Stanford on various topics like computer science , philosophy etc.Its like a video aggregating site that collects videos from other websites and posts it with its own opinions.It has greatly increased my understanding of the sub-prime economic crisis.

Thinksimplenow is more a collection of articles on personal development and simple yet profound thoughts to lead a happy life.I got to know about self dates and clarity days from also came to know about books like Stillness Speaks and The power of Now from this wonderful site . I think the simplicity with which the author put forths simple ideas that help you a lot in overcoming a lot of personal problems like shyness etc.

The collection of audiobooks
The collection of audiobooks is a large collection of free audiobooks in the public domain available in both mp3 and ogg file format.We can get books ranging from 1984 by George Orwell to relativity by Alber Einstein.We can also volunteer in recording chapters and proof reading of individual chapters.Audiobooks can serve to recollect laready read books while travelling. is a collection of inspired talks by worlds greatest thinkers and doers.It has a huge collection of short and high quality video lectures given by scholars in the Ted conference.

These are just a collection which struck my mind when i sat writing this article.There may be loads of other sites that i might have left out.I would periodically add websites to this post as i learn about them.


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2 thoughts on “Intelligent Life in the Internet”

  1. Hi,

    May be to this list you can add the class of websites that provide free classic literature like the project gutenberg(All languages), projectmadurai(Tamil) etc.

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