Creative zen stone plus an ipod killer

I bought myself a creative zen stone plus music player with built in speaker . It is 2gb in memory and priced at around 2900 rupees.I bought it from and its very cute they have also shipped a skin and the clip which can be used during jogging or in gym to clip it to your dress.

ipod killer
ipod killer

The sound quality both through the headphone and the built in speaker is awesome . Its also my favourite black color with curved edges . It does not require any softwares like i tunes or anything just drag and drop works fine.It has a builtin FM radio that can tune 32 stations and vioce recorder and a stop watch.

As a whole its way good than the much hyped up apple ipod shuffle thats way to costly and is bent upon interfering with your freedom . Its definitely an ipod killer  🙂 .


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