Eckhart Tolle and the spiritual enlightment

I personally detach myself from any religious or so called spiritual beliefs.whenever i read or hear to spiritual teachings i have always felt that most of them are contradictory.I have little or no experience following spiritual teachers who tell me how to be happy, successfull etc . Eckhart Tolle has had a considerable impact on me with his book “Stillness Speaks” . I initially read about this book in as a  book to try on  a clarity day 🙂 .  In this book tolle contradicts Descartes’s  “I  think therefore I am”  and asks the readers to disassociate with the thinking mind.Tolle’s argument is 80 to 90 % of our thinking is dysfunctional and we are addicted to compulsive thinking.Our thinking mind is our ego that feeds on the past and makes the presence a means of end to the future which exist only in our mind projection.

This results in relationships characterized by want and fear which just adds upto pain.The thinkind mind is an awesome tool that should be used only when its needed otherwise it will result in a lot of noise that affects our inner peace or stillness.Just concentrate on what you are doing right now like typing the keyboard while blogging rather than thinking about yesterdays lunch.Then your mind builds up a big story about why yesterdays lunch was all crap.

I was so impressed by this guy i have bought another one of his book “The power of now ” .I wish to thank Tina for that has had a profound impact in my life 🙂 .


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3 thoughts on “Eckhart Tolle and the spiritual enlightment”

  1. Yup..

    The way of Intelligence,
    On living and Dying ..
    etc are Some of JK’s really good work that impressed me…
    One always awes at the excellence of JKs mind , when you read his work…

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