Stop this Massacre

I felt ashamed to be an Indian yesterday after studying the gory massacre perpetuated on innocent christians.A nun was gang raped in public and the priest was assualted brutally in front of the public and police.The India primeminister known for his veracity honesty commitment and zeal was so obsessed with his love towards George bush , the lusy bastard who according Ananth raped Mesopotomia.I could only compare this  act of utter insensitivity to Nero who was playing fiddle while Rome was burning.One of my relatives commented that in India majority is silent and minority is noisy honestly i felt a vommiting sensation in my guts.He was arguing how India had a Muslim President and Christian Defence Minister.Many of the pro rich hindus have a feeling that this nation is their sole property and people of different faith are somewhat inferior to them or just foreign agents.This nation belongs to any human being born and bought up here or who is a rightfull citizen of this nation.He can become what ever he wishes provided his activities are lawfull.If Muslims and Christians are intruders then Aryans are no better they came from caspian sea region.

This nation is build upon diversity it is never feasible to make it a nation of one religion please try to respect the belief and faith of others.Thos of you who are educated ( for hell sake) please try to understand the threats posed by BJP/VHP/Bajrangdal to this nation’s sovereignty.Please dont vote for then just because they will all together abolish reservation because you didnt get into MBBS because of reservation.This is a matter of life and death enough of irresponsibility.Think how it will be if your daughter/mother/sister is gang raped in public.I write this post in utmost agony and pain the way this nation is going.The congress is utterly irresponsible in tackling communal forces,people are pushed to terror as an alternative to justice in this nation.

If this continues the very existence of  India as a nation is untenable … 😦


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