Ubiquity the return of the command line

I usually get most of the latest news on firefox addons from websites such as makeuseof and lifehacker which i subscribe through google reader.At times casual stumble upon leads me to very peculiar sites one of the recent was this on death :).Okay now lets come to what this post was meant to be Ubiquity , a firefox addon that brings the power of command line to the browser.Once installed the ubiquity pluggin will give u commands to manipulate the browser to perform interesting jobs say searching google sending email,adding mashups to email etc.

Using Ubiquity :
U have to open the ubiquity command line buffer to type the commands.Now for that we have to press Alt-space in Linux (which can be customised )that will give u a popup.Dont worry it will never disturb you much , those of you love Emacs and bash shell rest assured u will love this too.

Then we can type commands like say google firefox will give a google search on firefox.Say if there are more than one command it will give you auto complete features. Maps and mail are two commands if u type m it will show u the options.
The user can also type bangalore and ubiquity will give u options like weather bangalore , maps bangalore,wikipedia bangalore etc .
One of my personal favorites is the email command that can be used to mail to friends using gmail.In future it is assured will work with mail clients like thunderbird.The format of the email command is email (message) to (contact) will open the gmail compose page and fill the necessary details.
In a simillar way u can open wikipedia article for this you have to type wikipedia India or update your twitter status using ubiquity by twitter “some message” or twitter this where this is a text selection. The beauty of the tool is the command-editor where you can add new commands.Say you want to search whether this movie is running in bangalore if so in which theaters and show timings you can go ahead write one command.
Ubiquity works with Jquery my favourite javascript library so u can make ajax calls using ubiquity and Jquery.For example you can have a python script in a remote location that returns some usefull information can be called using Jquery.get() method and the result returned to a ubiquity command.
For More information and ways to hack ubiquity check this video.


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