Mumbai Meri jaan

Mumbai meri jaan movie which i managed to see a week back was an extremely crafted and commendable effort in the realm of realistic Indian Cinema.The subject of the film is a very important one describing the details of trauma that affected the people of Mumbai after the bomb blasts in Mumbai’s suburban trains.Some of the characterisations in the movie were awesome and would have required a lot of hard work.The bomb blast of any type brings in a lot of introspection among the stakeholders of the city.The story revolves around a set off people who get affected mentally not physically.It brings a lot of changes in their lives and its shown poignantly.The story involves Madhavan a truthfull,nature loving person who believes in using public transport to avoid traffic congestions.On the day of the train blast he luckily escapes due to the series of events preceding it.This makes people like Madhavan’s wife  advising him to buy a car or use taxi to commute.

The next is Sonali khan she is a journalist working with a private news channel.Prior to the bomb blast she is engaged to a person and she is part of a team dramatising every news story they get into.She loses her fiance in the bomb blast and her own personal story is used to promote the news channel.This brings in a lot of introspection in her approach towards news reporting.

Kay Kay menon plays the role of a angry young hindu thinking every Msulim to be a terrorist.He doubts a guy after the bomb blast and pursues him to find the very fact that he is a staunch devotee of shriddi sai baba .This character is a remainder of how muslims are stereotyped and picked up after every bomb blast or terror attacks.

The most lovely part is the constable duo of the movie Constable Thukram patil,who is to retire soon in a week or so and is haunted by the feel that he has not done anything significant in his life.The other constable Sunil Khadam who is just entering his career gets angered by the administrative hiccups in being straight forward.

On the whole its a very good movie i would suggest for every one who loves good cinema :).


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