The fate of the nuclear deal & the new found leaked letter

The Indo-Us nuclear deal will go down in history how a politically inexperienced Prime Minister hoping for eternal fame and a name in the history books misled an entire nation.The recently leaked letter clarifies that India and US do not share common ground on vital issues like fuel supply assurances , dual use nuclear technology neither building stratergic stockpiling of resources.It has also clarified that the hyde act is binding on the 123 agreement.Some of the text in the 123 agreement was left ambigous to add controversial clauses in the future say as in the NSG deliberations.

The US governmet had full control over the entire process but India has no say in the NSG deliberations hence its solely dependent on the US to get a fair deal . These are the clarifications that you get after studying the leaked letter :

1) All fuel supply assurances given by the United states will become Null and void if India is to test a nuclear bomb in the future or if there is any material violation.US has the right to ask supplied nuclear fuel in such a situation.Corrective measures only apply if there are any trade related issues in nuclear fuel supply.

2)US will not allow startergic stock pilling of reserves over operational conditions which is famously referred to as Obama amendment as per hyde act provisions.

3)US has no intention in selling dual use nuclear technology to India in the near future.

4)In case of a test the primary argument of the proponents of nuclear deal is that we can see for alternatives for fuel supply.The US has categorically stated that it will not encourage or work with friends to ensure supply of fuel.It will work for ending fuel supply among all NSG members .

5)Us will press for fall back safeguards if IAEA does not do that so we may be forced to open up our stratergic nuclear reactors for safeguards in prepetuity.

The NSG countries wii definitely ask for automatic termination of cooperation if India has to test a nuclear weapon thus making the deal dead and untenable.


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