Fortnight of Life at bangalore

I joined Motorola Software division at bangalore , its located in the bagmane tech park C.V Raman Nagar . The company provided initial accommodation in a Porsche hotel it was a typical life in capitalistic society defined by money.I understood this saying ” What money is What money does” šŸ˜‰ when i was in that hotel.Now i have moved to a house for rent near the company with some of my new found friends . The best things i like with the work is the people around with whom i work they are honestly really friendly . I am not entitled to speak about any stuff technical that involves company’s proprietary informationĀ  its unethical according to the H R policies and stuff.

I am not into much work yet there are lot of thought process going in my cerebral cortex regarding how my life is going to be.I have decided to give software industry a try for 1 year as of now.I may have to see for options which cater to the taste and interest of my life .

I feel sorry for Bangalore its leading to ultimate chaos.I will directly blame the upperĀ  middle class of the city for the nature of life in bangalore.People dont prefer to walk , use public transport for commutation its the argument that i earn money and i can use a car to travel . The cost of living is highly elevated its an artificial bubble just because there is no regulation in place.The entire city operates for the rich and the super rich of the city , education is highly commercialised in this city.Never think of enrolling your kids in a school they charge you in lakhs.

I am trying to walk to places whenever feasible but the sorry state of pedestrian in the city people at times drive bike in the pedestrians its highly risky at times.Climate is very pleasant most of times as we have always studied in our geography books.At times i feel a lot lonely i ask myself whether my childhood dreams are getting satisfied i dont have a great answer to that as of now. šŸ™‚


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