To kill a Mocking bird

To kill a Mocking bird is a very famous novel by Harper Lee.This story is based on the conflict of race in the US during the civil war.The story is narated by Scout finch six year old girl in a tired old city of maycomb.This book is one of the best one’s i have read ( although i havent read much),its a complicated story said in a very casual way as a narration by a six year old.As i was reading through the pages of the book i was able to travel through the minds of the characters like how they responded was very natural.The hero of the story Atticus Finch,a district attorney who is asked to defend a negro charged with raping a white woman.

Scout and Jem the daughter and son of Atticus bear the brunt of people in the society and they are baffled by the level of criticism Atticus faces to doing a rightful job of a lawyer.As they grow the innocence in the kids especially Scout is being affected by the society in the way it stereotypes people based on the race.

Atticus advices Scout to comment on a person’s attribute or actions by standing in their own shoes and understanding them rather than deciding on perceptions.Atticus is the symbol of truth and righteousness in the story he proves that the negro never raped the women and was just a victim of circumstantial and baseless claims.The jury yet decides him guilty truly based on race and the stern opinion that a negro would have done that heinous act of crime even without concrete evidence.

Scout and Jem are crestfallen that justice is not served to the man who eventually dies trying to escape from the prison.The hallmark of the book are the innocence of the narrator,the characterization of Atticus finch,the subtle commedy that you feel throughout the book and so on.

My thought process got totally resonated and this incident with one of my relatives struck my brain.


<News>Bangalore rocked with serial bombs terrorist hand suspected 😦 .<News>

Grandpa:These guys dont have any job they should be killed shoot at sight

Me:Whom to kill grandpa ?!

Grandapa:All these Msulims ?

Me:Hmmm i have french beard people may think i am also a Msulim u may be forced to loose your grandson.(I felt i was bit harsh but i could not help it)

Grandma:Hey shave da :D.

Anyways for all of you its a sin to kill a mocking bird 🙂 .


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